December 21, 2015 – With the New Year comes the new opportunity to make some resolutions to improve the technology experience of your end users.

The right technology can have a major impact on the overall productivity of your users, enabling them to go about their tasks efficiently and with ease. However, basic everyday issues can degrade the user experience.

Having the right technology can have a positive impact on your facility’s bottom line. The less time users spend making technology work for them can result in an increase in number of patients seen and an overall increase in quality care. And it doesn’t have to be hard.

The cloud offers some nice opportunities to resolve some basic end user headaches. Here are the top three technology resolutions you can make in the New Year to improve your user’s experience:

Simplify Password Management:

Myriad systems and software programs mean multiple logins during the day—as many as 30, or an average of 60 minutes spent logging in. A cloud-based single sign-on solution allows users to access applications and patient records quickly and securely, streamlining clinical workflows. Waiting and “batching” patient records later – something we often see as a workaround for too many passwords – can result in a loss of as much as 70 percent of meaningful data.

Create a Consistent User Environment:

Using multiple devices often results in user interfaces that require extra time to navigate. Cloud applications, like virtual desktop interface (VDI) technology, provide users with a consistent user interface no matter which device they’re using. Users can securely access their personal desktop, icons and even web bookmarks, helping them stay productive and work more efficiently.

Increase Login Speeds:

Servers loaded with myriad programs and applications can lag in speed, resulting in slow response times. The cloud can provide added speed by shifting some applications off the server, but VDI technologies can benefit from technology designed to provide that extra boost. Coretek uses a multithreaded approach to reducing the delay caused by “double-hop” by loading both the user’s desktop and applications simultaneously, resulting in quicker logins—as much as 15 seconds faster.

These are just a few ideas for how to create the best user experience for your users. The good news: A hybrid cloud approach using easily accessible cloud-based software solutions can solve the three easiest problems your end users are experiencing. Coretek Services can help you create a cloud solution that’s just right for your facility, empowering your users with the tools they need to provide the highest quality care in the most efficient manner.


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