December 4, 2015 – 2016 is just around the corner, and with it, exciting new technology to bring with you into the New Year. With all the noise out there about what technology you could possibly invest in, we thought it would be fun to let you know what we’ve seen resonate the most within the business world..

Here’s what companies are getting excited about (us included):

Hyperconverged Technology

Streamlining your three main silos of IT infrastructure – AKA your storage, servers, and networks – into one single platform can offer enormous benefits in IT efficiency, simplification and streamlining. Also, while the price of a Hyperconverged Datacenter isn’t low, when you consider the cost of replacing or upgrading any of those three elements individually, packaging the technology comes with a nice return. Saving time and money. Who doesn’t love that?

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Mobile Devices

Companies are realizing that more and more of their staff are using smart phones to do business (in addition to other devices, laptops and tablets). When you consider that a smart phone is really a tiny handheld computer, it makes sense. This is a mobile world. People multitask all aspects of their lives, and want to do so with work, as well. Their personal mobile devices are a huge part of that solution, and securely managing personal mobile device usage is equally as critical.

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Strategic use of Virtual Workspace (aka Desktop)

Your staff no longer needs to be restrained by their desktop computer. While mobility outside of the office is important, mobility within the office is also becoming a top priority for many companies, as well. Virtualization allows your staff to move from device to device within your organization, and access their “desktop” with a simple login. But the benefits of a Virtual Workspace are much deeper than improving work flow efficiency. It increases security, reduces risk of data loss, and makes budgeting and management of infrastructure much easier.

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The Cloud

Always ubiquitous, the cloud is everywhere, and can therefore be hard to wrap your hands around. But nearly all companies are making their way towards the cloud in one form or another. As a company, you can choose to put basic operational infrastructure in the cloud, like Microsoft 365 (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel), use the cloud as your storage infrastructure instead of hosting onsite, like through Microsoft Azure or AWS (Amazon Work Space), or developing proprietary applications in the cloud. Every decision moving forward needs to take the Cloud into consideration, whether it’s a Private Cloud, Public Cloud, or, mostly likely, a Hybrid Cloud. Regardless, the treatment and benefits of the cloud are wide reaching.

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Allowing your employees to bring their own (preferred) devices to work effectively, addresses a number of IT challenges. For starters, with the amount of new devices coming out all the time, allowing your staff to securely work from a device they feel comfortable with can improve their personal efficiency, instead of forcing them to adapt to a “one size fit all” corporate standard. With virtualization, this can be easily done, saving significant costs while not increasing support issues (in most cases lower support costs). Also, working remotely is continuing to rise in popularity as companies look to save cost by having a smaller physical office footprint. BYOD makes their office portable, and, again, keeps efficiency high.

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The big theme of 2016 is productivity, flexibility and efficiency. Hyperconverged Datacenters and Workspace Virtualization allow your IT department to focus their skill sets and reduce the number of superfluous redundancies that keep them from bigger, more strategic solutions. The Cloud, mobile devices, and BYOD all make it easier for your business and IT staff to work where and how they want. 2015 was the year of the future for Marty McFly. 2016 is the time to strap on the virtual hover board and let your company soar.

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