Citrix Live – Secrets Lies and VDI

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Event Overview VDI is one of the hottest buzzwords in the technology industry and IT executives are looking for a clear understanding of what it means. CitrixLive! is a not-to-miss event that will decode the myths and uncover the truth about VDI to give you a clear, strategic view of desktop virtualization and make all its benefits available to you today.Desktop virtualization is more than just VDI. It is about desktops, applications, personalization, the best user experience and much, much more. At CitrixLive!, you’ll get a complete understanding of what desktop virtualization really means.

CitrixLive! will include a keynote and sessions from leading Citrix and industry experts along with booths from a wide range of partners and sponsors. As an attendee you will have access to downloadable resources to help drive toward next steps on executing your desktop virtualization strategy.

Attend CitrixLive! to get a 360 degree view on desktop virtualization that will shed new light on the technology, change your perceptions and turn the industry on its head.

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Agenda Citrix Desktop Virtualization strategy and vision revealed

Gordon Payne, senior vice president and general manager, Citrix

Struggling to keep pace with the increasing complexity of desktops, applications, devices and user needs? The power to virtualize is right here, right now with Citrix. Hear first hand our vision for desktop virtualization and discover the Power of One: the ability to manage one copy of each application, one desktop OS image, one profile for each user, one password-identity-it is that simple.Secret: You can radically simplify desktop management.
of CTOs: Server virtualization vs. Desktop virtualization

Harry Labana, chief technology officer, Citrix and Simon Crosby, chief technology officer, Citrix

VDI is booming and so is the confusion surrounding it. Desktop vs. server. User centric vs. datacenter centric. Pilot vs. large scale implementation. The list goes on and on. Watch two Citrix thought leaders go head to head in examining the differences and similarities of server and desktop virtualization. Explore key considerations for selecting a solution and get an in-depth look at how VDI offerings compare.Truth: Desktop virtualization is different than server virtualization.
The fastest, most powerful XenApp yet

Mick Hollison, Vice President, Citrix

From new and innovative delivery methods to improved management capabilities to high definition experience, XenApp continues to get better with every release. Discover the latest in XenApp and explore how to deliver more applications as cost-effective, on-demand services to any user, anywhere.Truth: XenApp is the de facto industry standard in application virtualization.
What’s coming with XenDesktop

Sumit Dhawan, vice president, Citrix

Next generation desktop virtualization technologies are being unveiled. Learn about the latest innovations in XenDesktop and how you can leverage the infrastructure that you already have to start delivering virtual desktops now. One solution for any hypervisor, any delivery method, any LAN or WAN, and any device. You don’t want to miss it.Secret: Can’t tell you just yet, attend and find out.
Ensure users get a high definition experience with virtual desktops

Derek Thorslund, senior product manager, Citrix and Sridhar Mullapudi, senior product manager, Citrix

Starting with the user in mind is how you can differentiate your IT organization. Get the facts about what you can now do with virtual desktops and Citrix HDX technologies to enable you to deliver the best user experience without compromise. Learn how to architect your environment for LAN and WAN and how the various technologies work in harmony on any device, on any network, with better reliability and higher availability than a traditional PC.Truth: The HDX difference is the Citrix difference.
Simple, user driven desktops and enterprise app
store is the future

Orestes Melgarejo, senior director, Citrix

Brokers and Web Interface are a thing of the past. See how you can maintain IT control and give your users simple and intuitive access to their desktops through an enterprise app store that lets them choose what they need, when they need it-applications, desktop or any IT-delivered service. Don’t wait for the future, build your plan to embrace it.Truth: Only Citrix Receiver radically simplifies desktop management for IT and gives users flexibility and independence in how and where they work.
Add XenDesktop to your XenApp environment  the
fast and reliable way

Calvin Hsu, Director, Citrix

Desktop virtualization is being deployed enterprise-wide and is ready for mainstream adoption. Why wait? XenApp customers can quickly add desktop virtualization to their environment. Get an in-depth view of how to leverage existing skill sets, infrastructure and best practices to extend the benefits of centralization to the entire Windows desktop.Secret: Implementing desktop virtualization into your existing environment is easier than you think.
Architectural blueprint for a successful desktop virtualization solution

Dan Feller, lead architect consulting services, Citrix

Are you contemplating adding desktop virtualization to your environment but aren’t sure how to get there? Get an in-depth view from an expert who architected the solution. Learn the secrets and explore best practices for setting up a scalable solution that gives you complete flexibility to host virtual desktops on multiple virtualization platforms. With Citrix XenDesktop, it’s all about giving customers the freedom to choose.Truth: XenDesktop works with XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX.

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