Walk for Wishes 2017…

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We did it again!  As the 19th Annual Walk For Wishes ® approached, fellow Coreteker Sarah Roland (a Walk veteran since 2011) assembled set up her annual “Sarah’s Dream Team” and put out the call for participation, as she has done every year since 2013.  And again this year, fellow Walk veterans Avi Moskovitz (since 2016) and I (since 2013) got our families involved and headed along to the Detroit Zoo and joined in the effort.

We are proud to have been a small — but important — part of the more than $500,000 and counting because of the efforts of more than 6,500 walkers combined!  It was a really great crowd, and there were tons of interesting things to do and see along the way (it’s the Detroit Zoo, after all), supported by care and food volunteers along the way.   And given some threatening weather, we were amazed that we also managed to get the whole day in with no rain, and just a bit of cold.  That’s 5 years in a row of good walking weather; someone must be watching out for us…

We are truly thankful to the folks at Coretek who donated so generously to us and our team, both individually and as a company, raising over $1400 with us by walk time.  We hope you are as moved as we are by the work that is done by the organization and the good that it brings to those that — in many cases — don’t have a whole lot of good in their lives at the moment the wish fulfillment is granted to them.  For instance, here’s the moment that Wish kid Emily discovered at the Walk that she was heading to Walt Disney World® Resort in about a month!

Wish kid Emily discovered at the Walk that she was heading to Walt Disney World® Resort in about a month!

And did I mention that you can still donate to our team!?!?  Just click here go to Sarah’s Dream Team page and follow the process to donate to the team or any of us individually.

Oh, and by the way… we decided that we are on a mission to get more members of our team for 2018, so you may as well just plan to join now…  😉

See you then!

Walk For Wishes 2015 – A Record-Breaking Success!

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What a great event, on what turned out to be a great day!

For 2015, my family and I again joined fellow Coreteker Sarah and her family for a fun way to help out a wonderful cause: the 17th Annual Walk For Wishes® by the Make-A-Wish® Michigan organization.  Sarah and her team are veterans of the Walk, and I’ve been proud and grateful to have a chance to participate with them the last few years.

And as usual, Sarah’s son made an excellent (and patient) tour guide, sharing his wealth of knowledge about the Zoo.  He should run the place!  😉

In the process, we helped to raise our part (thanks to Coretek and other donors) of the event total of more than $445,000.00, with a record-breaking attendance of more than 4,500 walkers!  This amount means the organization will be able to grant wishes to more than 400 Michigan kids this year.  Awesome. 

If you didn’t get the chance to donate before the event but still would like to, please click here to donate with our team.

Thank you!  And see you out there next year…


Coretek Services Summer Picnic 2014

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Well, here we are; the end of summer nears, children are returning to school, football is on everyone’s mind, and soon the temperatures will be turning cooler.

But even with all that, there was still time for the annual Coretek Services Summer Picnic to bring us together and give us one of the last chances of Summer to have great family fun while catching up with some of our co-workers and families that we don’t always get to see.

Coretek 2014 Summer Picnic

There was plenty of great food, a raffle, paddle boats, bounce houses, games, food, and great conversation.  It was over too soon…

Thanks to everyone who attended…  And to everyone that made it happen!!

See you next year!


Coretek Community Project – 2014…

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Coretek 2014 Summer Community Project

Coretek is a large family of generous and caring people.  I’m privileged to work with such a wonderful group of folks that donate their time and/or money, pouring themselves into sometimes very hard work in order to help those around us who could use a helping hand.

Every year, among our other charitable projects, we put together a “Summer Community Project” where we all jump in with our hearts and hands to spruce up the home of some folks who cannot do it themselves.  This year was no exception, and we were able to help out a deserving couple who was simply no longer physically able to take care of the overwhelming amount of day-to-day things that piled up over the years.  A group of us decended on the project house and brought it forward from quite a bit of neglect — to downright cute.

An especially big, heartfelt thanks goes to Hoskins Tree Service (248-477-7590).  They came in first like the Marines, cutting down trees/stumps and trimming trees in advance of our work.  They wanted to join in on our giving back to the community, and volunteered their time, their equipment, their crew (labor) 100%, and the wood chips for landscaping.  They will also donate their services and time in the winter by plowing drive way for the couple who can no longer manage it alone. 

What an amazing team.  Thanks to all involved for working together and making it a huge success!  And thanks for making life just a little bit better for some folks who really needed it…


Another Great Walk-For-Wishes…

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http://www.coretekservices.com/sites/default/files/20140508/MakeAWish.jpgThis past weekend provided just the break in the weather we needed to have another fabulous Walk-For-Wishes® for 2014! 

I want to thank everyone for the *generous* donations, especially the folks at Coretek Services!  We had folks pitch in from all over the Internet as well, and it all went toward a great cause. 

Thanks to Sarah for putting together the walking team, and to our families for jumping in and being a part of the great experience at the good ol’ Detroit Zoo.  It went by too fast, and made me think that another family trip is in order, to head back to the Zoo and take it all in at a more leisurely pace. 

How about some totals?

For this 16th Annual Walk For Wishes®, the Make-A-Wish Michigan organization raised more than $378,000.00, which provides the ability to grant wishes to more than 400 Michigan kids this year.  We did that.  Together.  Pretty awesome, eh?

Of course, I want you to know that you can *STILL* donate, even after the walk:


I assume that link will remain in place for some time, so go donate now! 

Thanks again, and see you next year for the Walk For Wishes® 2015…