New Series – Using PowerShell, Azure Automation, and OMS

I’ve just recently begun releasing my new blog series on – Using PowerShell, Azure Automation, and OMS.  This series is designed to help you become familiar with using Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite’s alerting capability to trigger runbooks in Azure Automation.  I highly encourage you to read through the series as it releases over the next couple of weeks.

Part I – Azure Automation Account Creation and Adding Modules – This article walks you through creating a new Azure Automation account and uploading your own custom modules to Azure for use in your on-prem and cloud-based solutions.

Part II – Configuring Azure Automation Runbooks And Understanding Webhook Data – Walks you through creating your first Azure Automation runbook and breaking down Operations Management Suite’s Webhook data.

Part III – Utilizing Webhook Data in Functions and Validate Results – Takes you through utilizing OMS Webhook data and passing it to your functions in Azure Automation to automatically remediate issues for you.

I’ll be updating the links here as the articles go live.  I hope you enjoy the series!


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Will Anderson is a fifteen-year infrastructure veteran with roots in Patch Management, Security, and Compliance. Working in environments ranging from 80 users to over 150,000, Will has acquired a knowledge of a broad range of products and service lines ranging from Exchange, Active Directory and GPO, to the operating system platform and a variety of applications. In recent years he has been focused on delivering cloud solutions and guiding customers into the world of DevOps.Will has become quite the nerd about PowerShell, and blogs about the latest, new, cool things he finds or creates to make his life as an admin and engineer easier. You can find him on as a moderator, webmaster, and occasional writer for the PowerShell TechLetter. He is also a founder of the Metro Detroit PowerShell User Group, a member of the Association for Windows PowerShell Professionals, and co-author of Master PowerShell Tricks Volume 2.Will is a third-year recipient of the Microsoft MVP award in Cloud and Datacenter Management, and was awarded the moniker of 2015 Honorary Scripting Guy, by Ed Wilson – The Scripting Guy, in January 2016. In October of 2016, he joined the DevOps Collective Board of Directors.