Happy Holidays from Coretek Services

dina-francis-award “He’s over here!” Employee RJ Armstrong exclaimed, pointing out a window near the front of the banquet hall. All the children quickly raced to the window with excitement in their eyes.

“I don’t see him,” said his niece Ava. “Are you sure it was Santa?”

Coretek Services hosted their largest Christmas Party and A.I.R. Awards Celebration yet earlier this month; it was a true celebration of the year’s success and of the holidays with coworkers and their families.


voltaire-toledo-awardA.I.R. represents Coretek’s values of:

Attitude – Having a servant’s heart

Integrity – We say we will do, and then we do it!

Relationships – Building relationships with clients, partners, our community, and most importantly – each other

The A.I.R. awards are nominated and voted on by Coretek employees and awards are for the following categories below. In tradition, the winners of the previous year announced this year’s recipients.



Congratulations to:

Rookie of the Year – Resa Abbey

Operations Teammate of the Year – Dina Francis

Managed Solutions Teammate of the Year – Scott Ruoff

Consulting Services Teammate of the Year – Chris Barnes

PMO Teammate of the Year – Heather Spencer

Sales and Marketing Teammate of the Year – Jeff Bollock

The Most Improved – Brett Decker

Sales Win of the Year – Kettering Health Network – Jack Wilson & Voltaire Toledo

Road Warrior of the Year (The Pianki Award) – John Blickensdorf

Teammate of the Year – Chris Shalda


santa The night ended with Santa making an appearance! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

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