September 2, 2015 – When you’re at the top of any business it’s easy to see the value – and excitement – of pursuing new innovation. But for those who work day to day implementing business operations, innovation can make people apprehensive. Innovation, in their minds, equals one thing = change. The dreaded “change” word means a disruption to their work flow, processes they already know and understand, and a possible impact on the job security that they hold dear.

But innovation is critical for an organization to succeed, especially in the field of Information Technology. Staying static is not a viable or smart option. Moore’s Law states that that technology advances very quickly (originally that the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits doubled every year since the integrated circuit was invented). Technology continuously gets faster and less expensive over time and you need to take advantage of that reality for your organization. Technology is dynamic and can’t stay static without creating issues (at a minimum, you have to keep the underlining firmware up-to-date). Falling behind on newly introduced technological innovations can put your organization at a competitive disadvantage and could be costing you money and productivity.

It’s time to bring your staff on board the innovation gravy train. To help, we’ve come up with three ways to win over your IT staff and make them excited about new innovations you’re trying to bring to life.

Step 1: Have a vision.

And then make them a part of that vision. Get them engaged. Ask your staff for their opinions on your new, exciting ideas. Include them in the innovation process. Ask them what devices they would recommend to make your ideas possible, what processes need to be maintained and areas where you can afford expansion. They’ll buy into the innovation when they feel intellectually invested in its outcome.

Step 2: Make sure they understand that nothing is static.

What they think works today just fine will not always work. Business is always changing. Technology is always changing. And how the two work together (business and technology) to satisfy your customers’ needs will always change, as well. If you keep approaching business the way you’ve always done, customers will pack their bags and head down the street. Your IT staff desires job security, and while it may seem counter-intuitive, there’s nothing less secure than maintaining your IT status quo. It puts their jobs, and the entire company, at risk.

Step 3: Explain how the cloud takes care of innovation for them.

Your staff can maintain a sense of status quo, however, by implementing cloud based applications that will take care of some innovation for them. Cloud vendors are constantly updating and improving their applications, and upgrading your infrastructure behind the scenes, to keep their application and your company ahead of the curve. It’s what allows these cloud vendors to stay competitive (akin to step 2).

Cloud applications actually allow your staff to take big leaps forward without any major adjustments to their current environment. Take applications like Microsoft365 or payroll services. These are areas that do not provide a competitive edge to your organization, but that are required to maintain daily operations. By moving these resources to the cloud, your IT staff can focus on the more strategic components of their job – the kind that actually do provide job security. And you’re not removing a system they’re used to seeing, just the constant interruptions of IT support.

In fact, your IT staff might love their jobs even more once this kind of change is made, allowing them to be of real advantage to your organization, while still have the sense of day-to-day job consistency. Innovation is power. It’s time to empower your IT employees!

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