December 22, 2015 – When technology is doing its job you don’t even know it’s there. For the healthcare professional, technology should be transparent.

Cloud technologies, in particular, can help provide a more efficient, productive work environment, streamlining technology interaction and putting the focus back on helping providers deliver quality patient care.

Here’s a list of some of the technologies that we use in our work with healthcare facilities, focused on providing a world-class user experience:

Providing a more predictable provider experience:

VMware View or Citrix XenDesktop are virtual desktop interface (VDI) solutions that provide users with a consistent user interface no matter which device they’re using, eliminating the learning curve associated with devices. Providers can securely access their personal desktop and applications anytime, from any location on the network, helping them stay productive and work more efficiently.

Providing a more efficient provider experience:

AppSense is anapplication manager program helps manage virtual desktop environments across different VDI technologies to further provide a seamless user experience. The technology applies provider personalization, files and IT policy between disparate desktop delivery models and securely protects the devices.

Providing a more stable provider experience:

TheCoretek developed VDES (Virtual Desktop Enhancement Suite) helps reduce the delay caused by the “double-hop” experienced in VDI environments. The user component of VDES manages the reconnect process, so when a provider enters his or her login credentials, the technology begins the reconnect to both the virtual desktop and the presented applications in parallel to each other.

Providing a more streamlined operational experience:

Nutanix is ahyperconverged hardware solution that integrates server and storage resources into one platform, simplifying datacenter management. Nutanix technology is an important element in delivering a hybrid cloud environment, which offers the most control and the best speed with the most efficient use of your current resources.

Using cloud technologies to address the provider or technician’s experience can have a positive impact on overall satisfaction and productivity. These technologies can increase the time spent on your provider or technician’s primary roles, which all ultimately lead to improved patient care.

Coretek Services has helped thousands of clients improve their end user experience through cloud-based technologies. Let us show you how to harness the cloud to create a solution that’s just right for your facility.

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