FARMINGTON HILLS, MI – October 16th, 2014 – Coretek Services, a nationally recognized IT consulting and systems integrator, will exhibit its Virtual Clinical Workstation solution demonstration at four upcoming Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conferences.

On October 24th, the Ohio Fall Technology Conference will start off Coretek’s month long tour at the UC Drake Conference Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. On November 5th, Coretek will appear at the Virginia HIMSS Conference where they hold a premier sponsorship and will be speak to their Virtual Clinical Workstation solution. “Having a presence at these HIMSS events provides a great chance for us to showcase our leading technology that enables doctors and clinicians to improve efficiency, boost productivity, and lower IT costs”, said Sales Director, Chuck Thiel.

Following Virginia, Coretek will hit the road to Chicago for the Midwest HIMSS on November 12th. “We are excited for the opportunity to present our real-world case study and showcase how we helped Munson Medical Center to cut login times from over 2 minutes to less than 30 seconds, stated Thiel. “With our VCW solution, we were able to successfully remove Munson’s technology roadblocks and give clinicians hours back in their day to focus on improved patient care”.

Rounding out the tour, Coretek will land in Southern California where they will attend the CIO Forum on November 18th.

Look for Coretek at booth “Coretek” in Virginia and booth PRE05 in Chicago at the Midwest HIMSS to learn more about how Coretek Services can save clinicians up to hours every day with their VCW solution.

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