Nutanix .NEXT Conference 2016 Recap

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One of our strategic partners, Nutanix recently successfully completely their annual .NEXT Conference boasting over 2500 attendees from 50 countries. There were 67 breakout sessions and 120 speakers, and many exciting announcements were made, including but not limited to the following:

  • Acropolis Block Services: Expose Nutanix to bare metal with important features like migrating SQL from bare metal to VM with zero down time.
  • 5th Generation Hardware: The G5 series will now provide the option to choose all flash configurations across the board.
  • Predictive Analysis / What-If Scenarios: Answering such questions like, “What would we need if we bought a new company?” and “How would new hardware help my environment?”
  • Microsoft CPS: Nutanix will now have an option to ship with the “Azure in a Box” experience, pre-installed with SCVMM SCOM and Azure pack.
  • ESXi Management through Prism: This is now truly a single plan of glass for managing compute, storage and virtualization under one umbrella.  No need to jump back and forth between management tools.
  • Network Visualization: See how VMs are connected to the host, switches and other VMs.  This works not only as a great troubleshooting tool but also as an excellent tool for documenting the current state of network connections.
NTCs Behind the Scenes (literally)

NTCs Behind the Scenes (literally)

Coretek’s Datacenter Practice Manager, Todd Geib was honored to be a part of the conference.  Nutanix asked Todd to help kick off the .NEXT keynote session along with other members of the Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) program.  In 2015 Todd was nominated into the NTC program.  The NTC Program recognizes Nutanix and web-scale experts for their ongoing and consistent contributions to the community and industry. The program provides its champions with opportunities to further expand their knowledge, amplify their brand, and help shape the future of web-scale IT. Todd and the NTCs started with a little fun, spelling out “WELCOME TO #.NEXTCONF 2016” on their shirts. Watch the Keynote here:

David Blaine at .NEXT Conference

David Blaine at .NEXT Conference


And what would a trip to Las Vegas be without a magic show? Magician and illusionist David Blaine made an appearance at .NEXT, testing his ability to hold his breath underwater against the time it took to install Nutanix Community Edition. It was installed in a little over 7 minutes – plenty of time for David to relax in the water tank, whose breath-holding record is 17 minutes.




For more highlights, announcements and information on the .NEXT Conference, visit the Nutanix page:


The future with Nutanix looks bright and we’re looking forward to .NEXT 2017 in Washington D.C.!