Three reasons why Windows Server and SQL Server customers continue to choose Azure

On average, AWS is 5X more expensive for Windows Server and SQL Server users looking to move to the cloud. However, these savings do not come at the expense of quality. Azure offers a uniquely functional hybrid cloud, perfect for that period of transition from your on-premises servers to the cloud and built-in top-of-the-line security and compliance. At Coretek Services, we believe the cloud should be available to everyone. It's easier than you think! Contact us to learn more.

Microsoft Soars: How Azure, AI and IoT Are Driving Cloud Hypergrowth at $20-Billion Scale

The percentage of U.S. small businesses using cloud computing will climb, last year it jumped 58%. Is your business ready for the change? At Coretek Services, we want to ensure you're ready when the time comes to transition to the cloud. With Azure you can move some or all of your virtual machine compute capacity to the cloud and save money. With on-demand infrastructure, you can leverage per-minute billing and reduce costs by using a fraction of CPU, reduce IT and data center costs, and re-engineer processes for cost saving. We can help your business transition to the cloud with Azure. Read this article and contact us to see how.

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GM Is Insourcing Its Datacenters: What’s Your Plan to Leverage High-Value Data?

Why did GM build a $258 million enterprise datacenter in Moring, Michigan? Previously they out-sourced their datacenter needs to cut costs, and now they're bringing it back home. But that move probably isn't right for smaller companies. Most of the time, keeping your IT in-house has more costs than you may realize. Azure can help your business by taking on a lot of the overhead, enabling you to focus on what it is that you do best and reduce costs at the same time. Azure allows you to analyze at the scale you need with high compute and storage capacity. Coretek Services wants to help you integrate this amazing tech into your business. Contact us to find out how.

ASICS EMEA hits the ground running with cloud-based mobility solution

With over 1,500 employees at ASICS EMEA, the European subsidiary, it can be difficult to provide security and improve performance. At Coretek Services, we know this is a concern for many small businesses as well. To help focus their business on mobility and performance, ASICS EMEA uses the Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) solution to enable highly secure, mobile access to email and documents from anywhere on any device for all their employees. With the cloud your organization can achieve this same level of success. We want you to have the right tools. Contact us to find out how cloud computing can help secure and provide mobility for your organization.

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Behind the Team – Rival Analysis

How do you win against 140 different opponents worldwide? Have a solid strategy. Real Madrid, with the help of Microsoft technology, analyzes massive amounts of data on their opponents to find trends and weaknesses in their game that Real can exploit. Azure allows you to bring all of your information together in a single view for actionable insight. Collect, store, and analyze log data from virtually any Windows Server and Linux source. With the right tech, your business can play with the champions. Coretek Services wants to help your organization integrate Azure analytics technology so you can achieve more. Contact us to find out how.

How do I find and manage shadow IT and rogue devices, and put policies in place to ensure we remain secure?

Picture this: your sales team leader excitedly tells you about their new plan to use cloud apps and the latest devices to become more mobile and better reach clients. As the security advisor, your first thought is that more endpoints mean more risk for data security. With the tools from Microsoft 365, you don't have to stress anymore. You can analyze the risk of each app used, monitor for login attempts from suspicious devices, and protect sensitive data wherever it travels--all through Microsoft 365. Don't let security concerns stand in the way of progress. Give your IT team the tools they need to help the rest of your business thrive.

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