More Mid-Sized Organizations Moving Contact Centers to the Cloud: Here Are 5 Benefits

If you're plotting your journey to digital transformation, take a moment to learn five key benefits mid-sized companies experience by moving their contact centers from on-premises to the cloud, based on a research report from Genesys and IDC. Then let Coretek Services help you transform your business with Microsoft Azure cloud services.

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Big Data Architecture: Navigating the Complexity

Data analytics can unearth invaluable insights for your business. But the options of data engines and cloud configurations can get complicated. Read the article "Big Data Architecture: Navigating the Complexity" for 5 strategies to streamline your processes. Let Coretek Services help you leverage big data efficiently and affordably with Microsoft Azure Analytics.

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ABB keeps the lights on with AI-based workforce management software

Technology company ABB keeps the power on for hundreds of utility organizations. Watch the video to see how Microsoft Azure helps ABB drive 15% higher productivity in the field and get to market faster in an industry where speed is critical. Then let Coretek Services help you power your workforce with the right cloud services.

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Gaming studio learns what players want and delivers quickly with the cloud

The right solutions can help you get into the minds of your customers and deliver faster. See how Fluffy Fairy Games uses Microsoft Azure analytics and PlayFab to keep up with the pace of millions of players of Idle Miner Tycoon. Find out how Coretek Services can help your organization win big with Azure.

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Customer story: KEXP

In Seattle, music is important to so many people, and it's safe to say the Seattle music scene wouldn't be what it is today without KEXP. It's important to bring people and music together, KEXP is the outlet that makes it happen. But that wouldn't be possible without the right tools. KEXP uses Azure because they can implement the tools that suit their needs. If you need to tailor your IT infrastructure to suit your needs, don't do it alone. At Coretek Services, we'll help you find the tools and solutions you need. Contact us today to find out more.

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