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Removing a Border on a Hyperlinked Image in SharePoint…

2017-07-27T00:01:08+00:00 February 23rd, 2012|Uncategorized|


I recently wanted to add a picture to Coretek’s SharePoint site, and I needed to easily attach a hyperlink (essentially, create a ‘button’).  I had no problem uploading the picture; but when I would try to insert the hyperlink itself, I would get an unwanted border around my picture.


Unwanted Border Around Image Unwanted Border Around Image


As you might guess, this takes away from a nice, clean, look of the page.  If you have multiple hyperlinked pictures next to each other of different sizes, then you really have a less than ideal look.


After looking around and trying to select different image options (none of which get rid of the border), a simple and quick fix came to mind: the HTML code.  All you have to do is go in and insert the following into your HTML code:

border=”0” (that’s a zero, by the way)


The Secret's In The Code The Secret’s In The Code!


There you have it!  A quick fix to taking out the border on your inserted hyperlinked image.



SharePoint Content Organizer – Emailing Your Drop Off Library, And Getting It To Work…

2017-07-27T00:01:08+00:00 January 25th, 2012|Uncategorized|

Recently I bumped into a problem in SharePoint Content Organizer while trying to set up my Drop Off Library’s email, and I thought I’d pass along the fix.

The Incoming E-Mail Oddity

I’ll assume anyone reading this already understands the basics of setting up their SharePoint Content Organizer with fun and exciting rules and folder settings. Once you have these configured, you’re able to create an email scenario which — when turned on — allows users to send attached documents to the Drop Off Library. 

Drop Off Library > Library Tab > Library Settings > Communications > Incoming e-mail settings


Once you’ve done this, you probably think, “YES! Let me start emailing away and having the documents sorted into the folders…”  At least this is what I thought — not so lucky my friend. 

I hit a snag; when I emailed documents to the email address I created, the documents just sat in the Drop Off Library and wouldn’t listen to the rules.  The real frustrating part was when I clicked on “View Properties” — and then closed it without any changes — it would listen to the rules and perform the actions….

How to Actually Make it Work

The only thing you have to do to get your emailed documents to follow your rules is set the run timer in the SharePoint Server!

Central Administration > Monitoring > Review Job Definitions (under Timer Jobs) > Content Organizer Processing


Once you do this you can set it to “Run now”, run every X amount of minutes/hours, or at a certain point in the day.

I hope that helps!



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