August 10, 2015 – Your IT department is busy. Every single day, they’re putting out small productivity-stopping fires, adding new users to an already vigorous workforce, maintaining and upgrading critical business applications, and at the end of all this, strategically preparing IT infrastructure for future business growth. Or so one, as CIO, would hope that all of those elements are regularly getting checked off the to-do list.

In reality, there’s an ever-growing need for more and more IT workforce, as IT continues to take increasing prominence in daily business operations. With this high job demand comes a consistent shortage of available IT staff, which can have lasting impacts on your company as a whole. Productivity gets bogged down. Strategic IT advancement turns into last-minute firefighting. Employee morale takes a plunge. Business stops growing.

Your IT staff members are critical to maintaining a healthy business. Whether you’re unable to fill the roles you need, or are looking to streamline their workload, your technicians can use all the help they can get. Cue the cloud. Here are 5 ways that the cloud provides stress relief to your overworked IT technicians:

The Cloud…

1.     Allows you to move standard functionality applications offsite. This includes basic business utilities like email, HR, payroll, CRM, etc. These applications don’t provide a competitive edge to your company. One email system is very similar to the next. There’s no need to manage those in-house, overrunning your staff with routine, but likely daily, maintenance support.

2.     Streamlines and simplifies architecture so it “just works”. Reducing the number of overall applications your IT department is responsible for allows them to focus on a smaller set of strategic IT initiatives (applications that have been customized or are in-house written) providing your company a stronger competitive advantage.

3.     Pushes internal staff skillsets off to the cloud vendor. By letting the cloud manage certain applications, you no longer have to depend on specifically focused internal IT staff members. Instead of having 4 trained and focused server technicians, you can limit that skillset to two internally focused technicians. Not to say you should go thin out your IT department and ship off their duties to the cloud. But when your IT staff is already overworked, you can focus on better directing you IT department’s workload instead of adding to your workforce to help out.

4.     Allocates part of the budget to monthly subscription cloud-based expenditures. When your IT budget is more predictable, you can funnel money into more strategic IT advancements. This additionally allows you to also anticipate – and select – the IT staff members you’ll need, with the right skill sets and specific areas of expertise.

5.     Keeps applications current on their latest upgrades. This removes yet another tedious responsibility from your IT department’s plate. Better yet, because your applications will be consistently maintained by the very people designing the application itself, this allows for improved functionality over time.

Just like the clouds up in the airy skies above all our offices, cloud-based solutions can give your IT department the air it needs to breath. Give your technicians a break. Give HR a break. Look into how the cloud can improve overall operational functionality and make way for the business initiatives that really matter.

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