FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., January 15th, 2016 – Coretek Services, one of the leading IT consulting and systems integrators, announced the new cloud practice director, Jason Cornellier. His new focus for the cloud practice will consist of two main functions. One, to be the first truly “Born in the Cloud” Managed Service Provider based on Microsoft Azure, and two, (of equal importance), Cloud focused professional services. The practice focus is the brain child of the long time collaboration of Jason Cornellier and his mentor, the CEO of Coretek Services, Ron Lisch.

Jason Cornellier recently joined Coretek Services as the Cloud Practice Director. He joins Coretek from Microsoft, where he led the America’s Worldwide Center of Excellence for Cloud and Datacenter. As the lead on this global team he provided a CTO function internally in the organization and for customers at large. Jason has a diverse background as a technologist, being well versed in Azure and Microsoft-based datacenter solutions, including a background in many open source technologies. Enterprise customers who have worked with him have described his influence as being a “Transformation or Organizational Catalyst”, focusing on the entirety of a solution including people, process and technology. He has 20 years of experience including deep industry knowledge on financial services, healthcare, manufacturing and retail and is committed to delivering business capabilities built on technology.

About Coretek Services
Coretek Services is a Systems Integration and IT Consulting Company that delivers high value and innovative solutions.  Coretek works with your team to custom-design an IT architecture based on each clients’ unique requirements; the solution encompasses server and desktop virtualization, optimization of a virtual desktop environment, cloud desktop, mobile device management, infrastructure consulting and project management.  Our goal is to help our clients achieve Project Success.  No exceptions.

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