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I was unable to attend the Microsoft Ignite event this year, but I wanted to try and get all the value out of the conference that I could from afar.  I knew I needed to get the session videos and slides, similar to the scripted process that I did for TechEd last year

And while I’ve seen a few download scripts out there, I specifically want just my favorite slides and videos, not a whole category.  Plus, I want the lower-quality MP4s so that the download consumes less space.  And since I’m downloading them while they still post them (the week of the event), I need to permit that they may not yet be available, and that I may re-run it until I get everything I want.

And so here it is, for all my Ignite/TechEd peeps…  It’s a “how-to” to help you grab the content you want, and *only* what you want…

Step 1

First, go to the Ignite 2015 Session catalog at Channel 9 and figure out which session Videos and PowerPoints you want.  Look for the little code by each session, for example FND1451, BRK3505 or BRK2306, etc.

Step 2

Next, create a folder.  I created C:TempGetVideos   …Yes, original, I know. 

Step 3

In that folder you created, make a text file called “MySessionIdList.txt”, and paste in a list of the session IDs, one-per-line, like this:


…and so on. 

Step 4

Again, in that same folder, create a text file called something like I did, “GetSessionVideos.ps1”, and paste in the following code:

Import-module bitstransfer
$inputFile = "mySessionIdList.txt"
$mySessionList = Get-Content $inputFile
$myUrlPathParent = "http://video.ch9.ms/sessions/ignite/2015"
$myRestPath = "http://s.ch9.ms/Events/Ignite/2015/RSS/slides"
$myRestComparison = "http://channel9.msdn.com/Events/Ignite/2015"
# For pete's sake, do NOT show this to Don Jones! I can't take that level of criticism! ;)
foreach ( $sessionId in $mySessionList )
# Check to see if the file is present before attempting to download
if (!(Test-Path "$sessionId.pptx"))
# Yep, the dreaded Write-Host, because I actually want to watch the script run...
# I'm crazy like that...
Write-Host -ForegroundColor GREEN "Getting $sessionId.pptx..."
# Get the PPTX
$MyThing = Invoke-RestMethod $myRestPath | Where-Object link -Contains "$myRestComparison/$sessionId"
if ($MyThing -ne $NULL)
$MyPptxUrl = $MyThing.getelementsbytagname('enclosure').url
start-bitstransfer -source "$MyPptxUrl" -destination "$sessionId.pptx"
Write-Host -ForegroundColor CYAN "Sorry, the PPTX for $sessionId is not yet available..."
write-host "Already have $sessionId.pptx, skipping..."
# Check to see if the file is present before attempting to download
if (!(Test-Path "$sessionId-mobile.mp4"))
# Go ahead and revoke my MVP, Don...
Write-Host -ForegroundColor GREEN "Getting $sessionId-mobile.mp4..."
# Get the MP4
start-bitstransfer -source "$myUrlPathParent/$sessionId-mobile.mp4" -destination "$sessionId-mobile.mp4"
write-host "Already have $sessionId-mobile.mp4, skipping..."

…And run that script in a Powershell session to get your videos! It might look something like this, using my examples above (note that some files were downloaded, some skipped, and some not yet available):

Of course,you can modify the code to suit your tastes, but this simple set of instructions should get you going.

Have fun viewing and learning!

Note: This is an update from my TechEd 2014 download script posted here.  And thanks to THIS POST for the clue on the Rest API call, due to the *horrible* naming convention for the slides this year. 


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