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October 2, 2015 – Managed Services Providers (MSP) can be a wonderful asset for businesses that are struggling to maintain their current IT workload, or who may be finding it difficult to find and keep the IT technicians with the specific skills they need. If help tickets are piling up, or strategic IT projects are being shoved to the backburner, having an outside team of professional technicians that can take over your daily IT operations can be extremely valuable.

One of the many ways that an MSP can make a positive impact on your business as a whole is through the financial perks they can provide. There’s a misconception that MSPs are expensive. When you look at the costs on paper, they aren’t cheap. But the value they provide, given the total cost of an additional full-time technical employee (recruiting cost, pay, benefits, training, HR overhead) is phenomenal.

For starters, they can handle your day-to-day technical operations, making sure everything is running according to service levels.

In other words, productivity stays up and money isn’t lost through basic IT delays. This also helps maintain, and even improve, your credibility and reputation with customers, which can provide new business down the line (and prevent “shadow IT”). And because an MSP provides not just one person, but a team of highly trained technical professionals, you get many for the price of one.

They also allow your organization’s IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives that provide profit-generating value to the business.

This could mean implementing new technology into the business that makes your services or products more attractive to your customers. Or it could come in the form of new applications being launched that make it easier for your staff to do their jobs. Without an MSP, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to find the undistracted time and focus to make sure these tasks get done, creating frustration for everyone involved.

An MSP allows for reliable operating costs, making for easier annual budgeting.

Depending on your level of IT staff turnover, this can be a really big money saver. For example, in the instance that you lose an IT staff member, you would then have to hire a new technician, typically for more money than what you were paying the last person, to meet industry inflation. On top of that, it takes up to a year to bring a new technician into full productivity. These turnover costs quickly add up.

The MSP can handle technical personnel and skill issues, relieving that burden from your HR department.

For one thing, this allows more strategic productivity from your HR department, as well. Most HR staff don’t have the technical expertise to vet proper IT technician candidates, who are simultaneously the right personality fit for your organization. With an MSP, you get a team of individuals, meaning all your technical needs will be filled, and you can work most closely with the individual who best suits your personal company culture. It also keeps HR from having to restaff, retrain, redo benefits, handle disciplinary issues, and manage vacation and sick leave for the IT staff you currently, or would be required to, have.

An MSP can provide a valuable outside perspective.

Many times, internal staff can get “stalled” over time, and fall into the “we always do it this way” syndrome. But with an MSP you have a team of IT professionals that are both on the pulse of new IT innovations and familiar with your business’ specific IT infrastructure. This allows them to provide cutting edge insights and recommendations for your overall IT strategy, which can streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase overall revenue.

At Coretek, our Managed Services Solutions provides all of the above benefits, while also providing direct access to technological advancements through our other offerings and business solutions. Our team members not only know what innovations are on the horizon, but work with them directly on a daily basis. This puts them on the inside and the outside of the Information Technology global domain, from which your company could reap the ultimate rewards. The perks of partnering with an MSP can reach far beyond your IT department, and provide value that will spread company wide.