The Forgotten Harvest organization continues to impress…

Last week, a crew of 25 Coretekers headed over to the Forgotten Harvest office/warehouse to find out how we could help out.  We’ve been there 3 times now (see the related blog post about the first visit), and the folks there continue to impress; both in their personal touch and the practices of the overall organization.

This visit, we learned about one of the fairly recent developments in their ability to be a little more self-sufficient on the product side of things: The Forgotten Harvest Farms.  While the Forgotten Harvest organization had always been intent on rescuing perfectly good food to feed those who need it, they now are providing themselves with the ability to augment thos supplies and bring some desperately-needed produce into the mix. 

A cabbage's view of Coretekers and Forgotten Harvest

Along those lines, our volunteer work in the past had focused on the sorting and aggregation of donated foods from other organizations.  This time however, we were a part of the new farm experience by removing the undesirable outer leaves from some cabbage freshly picked from the farm that day.  And we really ripped into it!  We’re proud that we helped prepare 950 cabbages (over 2000 lbs) in our short time there, set for delivery later that week.

So make sure to check out the Forgotten Harvest website and maybe make a donation of some sort.  And maybe we’ll see you there next time…



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