Coretek Community Project – 2014…

Coretek 2014 Summer Community Project

Coretek is a large family of generous and caring people.  I’m privileged to work with such a wonderful group of folks that donate their time and/or money, pouring themselves into sometimes very hard work in order to help those around us who could use a helping hand.

Every year, among our other charitable projects, we put together a “Summer Community Project” where we all jump in with our hearts and hands to spruce up the home of some folks who cannot do it themselves.  This year was no exception, and we were able to help out a deserving couple who was simply no longer physically able to take care of the overwhelming amount of day-to-day things that piled up over the years.  A group of us decended on the project house and brought it forward from quite a bit of neglect — to downright cute.

An especially big, heartfelt thanks goes to Hoskins Tree Service (248-477-7590).  They came in first like the Marines, cutting down trees/stumps and trimming trees in advance of our work.  They wanted to join in on our giving back to the community, and volunteered their time, their equipment, their crew (labor) 100%, and the wood chips for landscaping.  They will also donate their services and time in the winter by plowing drive way for the couple who can no longer manage it alone. 

What an amazing team.  Thanks to all involved for working together and making it a huge success!  And thanks for making life just a little bit better for some folks who really needed it…


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