TechEd 2014, Day 2…

TechEd Channel 9 Live

My brain hurts, and it’s only Tuesday.  
But let me clarify; mostly my brain hurts because with everything I learn here at TechEd, I simply realize how much more there is to learn… to discover…  to do…

Let me catch you up on a few session-related highlights over the last 2 days:


Okay, I’ll be honest.  It’s just *neat* to get to see in person all the folks that have been a part of all the training videos and podcasts I watch (CBT Nuggets, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Channel9, etc.), and books/blogs I read, etc.  So far at TechEd 2014, I’ve taken sessions from — or shared conversations with — folks like Jeremy Moskovitz, Don Jones, Jeffrey Snover, Pete Zerger, Rick Claus, and more.  I owe so much thanks and appreciation to these folks for all the work they’ve done in helping me and the community at large, and it was cool to be participating in the big picture on some small level.  And did I mention it’s only Tuesday?


I won’t go back over the thing I mentioned in yesterday’s announcements on Day 1, but there were a few announcements in deep technology today.  

  • From the GP team, via Jeremy Moskovitz: A *very* in-depth KB article to go with a fix for an old cPassword security limitation:
  • From the Jones/Snover comedy team: PowerShell Desired State Configuration for Linux via OMI.  I saw it demonstrated.  Absolutely awesome.  And more to come in that regard, I’m sure…

Things I Can’t Wait to Lab

The list of things I need to rush home and experiment with is growing.  It started with RemoteApp yesterday, but now I’ve got more DSC testing to do (thanks Don), IaaS/PaaS Azure Pack testing (thanks Pete), I have to re-do my home lab networking with dVMQ and vRSS and Multi-Tenant Gateway (thanks Greg, I’ve already ordered a new manageable GB switch for the additional vLANs).  And so on…

The Pace

Don Jones said something today that I think summed up my feeling perfectly, and I’ll do my best to quote him correctly here.  He said that change is speeding up; and that “…Your main skill is going to be keeping up

[with technology]…”

Totally.  Let’s run.

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