Sarah, The Team, and the “Walk For Wishes” Part 2…

About this time last year, fellow Coreteker Sarah Roland put together a walking team to help raise funds for the Make-A-Wish Michigan foundation Walk for Wishes 2013 (at the Detroit Zoo) and invited some of us along (click for the related 2013 blog entry).  My wife Amy joined in to help, and the plan was hatched.  For some reason, at that time I didn’t manage to participate early on, but when I arrived to drop off my wife for the walk, there was just no way I could resist joining in the fun.  So I — and my kids — registered as last-minute registrants, and ended up having an absolutely great time. 

Well, this year I’m not letting the opportunity slip by to join in the team and help out a little more.  So I’ve signed up, and I’ll be trying to raise some funds.  And we’re all eagerly looking forward to the Zoo, re-uniting with the team, and just having a great day for a great cause.

Make sure to follow our progress at Sarah’s team page here:

…And I hope to see you there! 


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