XP EOS D-9… And Counting…

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It’s Monday.  The last day of March.  Forget the fact that tomorrow is April Fool’s Day.  The Windows XP “End of Service” date is now only 9 days away! 

Before reading on, it might be a good idea to reference my post from last month, “XP Elimination — The looming crush…” and “XP EOS M-9… And Counting…

Now that you’ve caught up on those previous articles, let’s spend a moment catching up on our 3 semi-fictitious companies and see how they are doing.

Organization “A” – What, me worry?

For our fictitious Organization “A”, things are actually getting better – at a price, that is.  You see, they realized they had no hope of making the deadline, and decided to throw buckets of money at the problem.  They brought in consultants, vendors, and staff leaders, and locked them in a room with a blank checkbook.  The 20,000 XP machines are rapidly becoming 7000 or so machines and dropping.  It’s “getting done”, but in a very “machine gun” style that doesn’t lend itself well to on-going management or future enhancements and upgrades.  This just means that after this checkbook is empty, they’ll be setting up for Round 2, in preparation for the next generation.  If they had gotten underway earlier, they could have had at least *some* of the tools and infrastructure in place to carry forward…  But, no…

Organization “B” – Nope.  We don’t wanna.

Well, Organization “B” is now partially integrated into Organization “C”.  They’re not going to make the deadline, I’m afraid; but because Organization “C” is so ruthlessly efficient, they are at least documenting the environment, planning the on-going integration, and actually deploying some elements of the extended infrastructure.  They still have most of the 40,000 XP workstations to get to, but the future looks better.  They’ve got fingers crossed that no calamity will befall them over the next few months as they catch up, and they are considering an alternate (expensive) support strategy.  It’s about the best they can do, given their previous situation.

Organization “C” – The best-laid plans…

For the original Organization “C” side of the C/B acquisition, things actually look pretty good.  Across the infrastructure, there are still a few thousand XP machines – but most of these are documented and/or isolated, or about to be replaced shortly.  It’s down to the wire!  But we can finally say that they’ve booked their project completion dinner party reservations.  Congratulations!  But keep at it with Organization B… 

Organization “D” – Yeah?  So?

Since my last post, I met Organization “D”.   Nice folks; smart too.  But they simply cannot afford to care about the deadline.   After a string of financial hardships, org changes, and so forth, they are only now making enough headway to think they’ll survive.  As a result of the hard past, they are only now putting their heads up for air and exploring option of how to get them from “here” to “there”.  They are numb from the scars of the economy, and they don’t see this XP EOS challenge any differently than the past challenges; they will run headlong into it, and take the blows.  They will come out the other end, but only with more scars.

Honestly, some of these stories are heartbreaking, while others are inspiring.  And mind you, I worked through the 2000 bubble like many of you, so you’d think I’d be less moved by the trials that these folks are going though.  But this one is different.  It didn’t make the news the same way (at least in the build-up), but it hits real folks where it hurts.  And we at Coretek are doing our absolute best to help those that we can, as quickly and effeciently — and as prudently — as we can. 

So good luck, hang in there, and we’ll all be watching the clock tick down to the final day.  And we’ll see you on the other side of the XP EOS…



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Farmington Hills, MI – March, 2014 — Coretek Services, a leading information technology consulting firm, today announced it has been honored as a 2013 National Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Winner by the National Association for Business Resources (NABR).  The company also received this honor in 2012 and was recognized as a Metropolitan Detroit’s Best and Brightest Companies to Work For Winner in 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010 and 2009.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for nurturing a rewarding work environment in a high growth industry,” stated Ron Lisch, Coretek Services’ chief executive officer.  “We have an exceptional group of employees and look forward to creating new job opportunities for our community to support our growth trajectory.  Our work environment promotes success and teamwork, which has been a pivotal asset to growing our organization.”

Coretek Services was assessed by an independent research firm which reviewed a number of key measures relative to other nationally recognized winners. They include Compensation, Benefits and Employee Solutions; Employee Enrichment, Engagement and Retention; Employee Education and Development; Recruitment, Selection and Orientation; Employee Achievement and Recognition; Communication and Shared Vision; Diversity and Inclusion; Work-Life Balance; Community Initiatives; and Strategic Company Performance.