Look out – Here comes IE 11!

For many of us that have been watching the recent pre-releases from Microsoft (Windows 8.1 tomorrow!), IE11 will be a welcome update.  In fact, it will be released as an “Important” update for Windows 7 and up, in order to ensure a large footprint.

However, some companies are barely getting through Windows 7 migrations, or have limited resources available to test their applications against the latest browser, and would like to slow the flow of the river of updates a bit…

So for people/companies that perform automatic updates (or standard deployment of “Important” updates) but *don’t* want IE11 to come down to their workstation, there is a toolkit available to stop the IE11 deployment for Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2 when using Automatic Updates.  


Note that for those of you who have used these toolkits in the past for previous versions, the previous toolkits will not stop automatic deployment of IE11, since each uses a different set of registry keys.

Now get that migration done, so you can go to Windows 8.1!!

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