It goes fast.  The time we spent pitching in to the Red Cross the other day went by like a blink.

As part of our series of what we call “Community Projects”, the folks at Coretek arrange various ways that we can contribute (time, effort, gifts, etc.) to the communities in which we live and work.  This time, we invited Monica, Debra, Bob, and Carl, from the Red Cross stop by our office and help us help them to assemble “Comfort Kits” that provide toothpaste/brush, soaps comb, socks, and a few other items for some folks who really need them. 

As we quickly learned, the Red Cross provides so much more than the stuff we all hear about in the news.  We learned that there are hundreds (perhaps thousands?) of homeless veterans (it pains me to type that) who have fallen on hard times throughout our metropolitan area that rely strongly on organizations like the Red Cross for the simplest of needs. 



So this evening, roughly 30 of us spent just one quick hour in an assembly-line fashion, preparing 480 of these Comfort Kits.  We split our assembly line work into a few conference rooms, with runners running the Kits between rooms, and then out to the lobby for final re-boxing of the kits in preparation for distribution.  We dug in dutifully, and with purpose.  In the rush of the assembly, we accidentally missed a couple combs or toothbrush cases along the way; but we managed to find and back-fill the ones we missed before final packing.  We realize how important that missed comb might be to someone who has none.

Everyone involved had a good time, but we were always mindful of the seriousness of the need for these Kits. 

And while we got a lot done in a short time, it seems like there’s never enough to go around.  And it goes fast.

Click here to donate comfort kits to the Red Cross.