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In June of this year, Coretek Services really showed up and reached out to the community for its 2013 Community Project.  This year’s project really demonstrated how we truly believe in not only the culture at Coretek, but also the culture of the community as well. 

In April, we contacted the city of Farmington Hills to see if they could help find a family in need.  After interviewing several candidates, the hard choice was made, and our chosen candidate graciously accepted our offer to help renovate her home.  For this project, our mission was to help our candidate (83 yrs of age) and her daughter (in her 50’s and suffering from health issues) return their home to the pristine state that it had seen many years prior.  Our candidate has been widowed for over 10 years, and the home had suffered from many years of neglect and lack of maintenance which made it difficult for the women to navigate through.    

After a few weeks of scoping the work needed, it was decided that the project would take place on Saturday, June 1, and the following Saturday, June 8.  Coretek employees showed up in full force with their families in tow to participate and volunteer their time, skills, and effort to ensure the success of the project with no exceptions.  From day one, the volunteers hit the ground running with a mutual desire to give this family a home in which they could safely move around in and enjoy.  This was no easy task; but with the determination, focus, and team spirit, that the employees of Coretek share, we were able to put our minds and muscles together in a joint effort to give this family back the home they deserve.

There was plenty of work for the grown-ups to do, but we also made sure that there were activities for the little ones to participate in as well.  There was flower planting and painting — among other things — to keep the young Coretekers busy.  Finally, after 2 long days of fun-filled activities and laborious effort, we were able to complete the project — and the changes were remarkable!  The mother and her daughter were astonished and very impressed with the results of team Coretek!  Below are some of the before and after shots of the home and some pictures of the team at work, and at play.  Coretek Services rocked in 2013, and will continue to rock on in 2014 and beyond.  Thanks to all who participated, and we’re looking forward to seeing you again next year!

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