Windows Activation Error: Code 0x8007232b

Every once in a while I like to pass along a helpful tip from another website or blog that helped me.  Today, I want to thank György Balássy for his blog posts (post 1, and post 2) last year that helped me with a goofy error, and maybe they can help you too.  I’ll just summarize the problem and results below.

I build a lot of lab servers and VMs for testing various things (including on my laptop or in my home lab, etc.), and I commonly install new Windows servers or workstations from the MSDN media ISO, using what is effectively a volume license.  Usually, I enter the key early in the build, it is accepted without error, and the install continues. 

However, occasionally after the installation completion, the Windows Server 2012 or Windows 8 machine reports an activation error:

Activation Error: Code 0x8007232b
DNS Name does not exist

And back when this first happened to me, it took a little bit of searching before I stumbled on György’s post.  But I’ve referred back to it a handful of times as this frustrating symptom seems to re-appear at random.  In a nutshell, he explains in his two posts that in order to fix this annoying error, you can do it with either the command prompt or GUI, as follows:

Command Prompt:



slui 3

And it has worked perfectly for me every time.

Now, mind you, I did mention this problem was intermittent.  And the main reason I’m writing this post today after all this time is that it just happened to me again 3 days ago when I was in a hurry.  And today, when I had time to try and reproduce the error for a screen capture for this post, of course the key registration worked just fine and I cannot make it fail.  Argh.  So please take my word for it.

So thanks again György; and to the rest of you, I hope it helps you as well  And if it should pop up again, I’ll try to get a screen shot…




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