Update: Wireshark, WinPcap, and Windows 8…

This is an update to the previous post on this topic, found here:

As you have read in the original post (linked above), installing Wireshark and WinPcap on Windows 8 required a couple extra steps in order to trick the system and utilize the Windows 7 compatibility for the WinPcap installer.

I’m pleased to announce that Microsoft has released the Windows 8 Compatibility Update KB2764462 to address the incompatibility (thanks to fellow Coreteker Voltaire for catching this!) and others.  Best of all, it looks like this update was pushed down to Windows 8 as part of the 11/27/2012 patch set, so you probably already have it.

So whereas previously, if you clicked “Run the program without getting help” in this dialog:

…you’d get the warning box:

…and Wireshark installation would continue, but the WinPcap install would have backed-out; leaving you with the ability to view packet traces with Wireshark, but not capture new ones.

NOW, however, when you click “Run the program without getting help” in the Program Compatibility Assistant dialog, it continues just fine, and installs, and functions correctly.  Hooray!

I’d like to think that this blog had some effect in bringing this issue to light and getting it rectified quickly. 

…I’d *like* to think that, but I know better… 




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