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One year ago, we published the first post of the re-born Coretek Services blog, under the new moniker TekTopics.com

The plan back then was to re-start the blog with a variety of Coretek employee authors, to do our best to be technically informative at various skill levels, and to hopefully be entertaining.  Along the way, we’ve brought an interesting diversity of content forward; from complex technical issues to the personal anecdotes — and all with the professional and helpful approach of the great folks I work with every day. 

We kicked it off with a bang with a cool post from Chris Shalda about Sharepoint, and it was only fitting that the year be closed out with another post by Chris about Citrix icons.  In between, we published an article every Thursday except one (I was on vacation, and I decided it was okay).

One of the wonderful side effects of this blog is that while the authors reveal a little bit about their experiences and themselves in their writing, it provides a hint to some of the complex, exciting environments in which we live and work every day.  And in my role as principal blog maintainer, I’m extremely fortunate that this blog (and the blog-related activity) really connects me to this team of diverse and disparate folks at Coretek in a way that otherwise may not happen.

So I’d like to take a moment and thank all of those that have contributed to our blog in any way (attending meetings, offering ideas and suggestions, etc.).  And especially, I’d like to thank those that took the extra bit of their precious time to share just a bit of themselves in writing over these past 51 weeks: 

Without all those folks, you’d have had to suffer through many more posts from me, so we all thank them very much!  And we have some great things coming up, just around the corner…  So stay tuned…


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