Windows 8 Wireless Connections in the Enterprise

I’ve been having issues attaching to WiFi networks with Windows 8 lately.  Not residential Access Points, but commercial controllers.  I did some searching, and found this:
Windows 8 clients may not be able to connect to wireless network
Ah…  So Windows 8 natively supports 802.11w, but cannot connect to one of the largest enterprise network footprints in production today.  Hmm.  Apparently, all Cisco controllers need a firmware update before anyone can connect new Windows 8 computers to the wireless network… 
…You can back-rev your driver.  Well, have you dealt with enterprise network people?  Which do you think is more likely to happen? 
So, here you go; a little instructional video to help you down-grade your shiney-new Windows 8 Wireless network driver to the Windows 7 version, so that you can play in the corporate sandbox.  In this slideshow, Paul demonstrates the problem (utilizing Windows 8’s great new automatic screen capture feature)…
(Note: To easily get to the menu for Device Manager – which is called the “Windows desktop and Administrative tools” menu use “Winkey + X” from the Windows classic desktop.)

We hope it helps!
(…with contributions from Paul Opper and Jeremy Pavlov)


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