As another end-of-summer draws near, and with the 3rd annual Coretek Services Summer Picnic behind us, I just want to take a moment and thank everyone involved for the hard work it must have taken to put together, and the fun spirit it provided for all of us in attendance.  It really is nice to get the great folks at the core of Coretek together — along with family and friends — in such an informal and comfortable atmosphere. 

By the time the picture above was taken, many of us had broken out for a relaxed game of Mushball, gone off for a lazy pedal-boat ride around the pond, chased the kids off to the bounce house, etc.; all after having a wonderful spread of food, drink, snacks, and mostly-slushy slushies.

Then as the shadows grew long, and after some advice on extreme low-speed driving (“…it’s 15mph in the park folks; just go 10 to be safe…”) from the Sheriff Department, it was time to load up an arm-full or two of leftovers, and head off until next year. 

See you then…