Happy New Moment!!

Happy New…  Moment?

It is often said that there are two kinds of people:

  1. Those that see New Years Day as your one chance of the year to “start over”
  2. Those who see it as just another normal day

I see myself in both camps. 

What I mean is that I try to see *every* day — and each moment of every day — as an opportunity to “start over”;  and as a result, the possibility of change kinda’ becomes the norm.  Once you become aware that you are truly in charge of your own free will, then you may shape yourself as/when you see fit!

The way I see it, each moment (not just each year) is an opportunity to a.) renew, b.) strengthen, and/or c.) rest.  Let me explain.


Like most people, I cherish the opportunity to “start over” when needed.  Sometimes, when you’ve taken a good idea or philosophy as far as it can go, the only right thing to do is to drop it and move on.  We tend to hope that these things happen infrequently, but they do happen.  And when they do, why wait?  Do you really need to withhold significant, rejuvenative change until the calendar flips?  Of course not!


It is critical that we try to strengthen ourselves when the opportunity presents itself (of course, within reason and context).  Exercising an idea — like muscle — is the only way to test its validity and see if it can withstand resistance and/or adversity.  And as a result, we improve!


Rest is a critical and necessary part of life.  However, rest is only valuable in contrast!  Since renewal or strengthening (as in muscle repair) can sometimes cause fatigue, rest is the necessary healing element that provides rejuvenation.  On the other hand, rest — in combination with rest — is stagnancy… and stagnancy is… well, it’s not good. 

…But reminders are a good thing

And this is where we bring it all back around. 

I have to admit that countless precious moments go by in my life that I just don’t step back and think of all the things I could do, or all the things I could be, or all the change I could effect, etc.;  I’m just doing the best I can, being who I am, in the context of that moment.

I try, but I am human.  I benefit from reminders.  And it is good to stop for just a moment, and appreciate the utility of a celebratory reminder of who we have been, who we are, and who we are yet to be! 

And not to put too fine a point on it (too late), this is where I find the most value in — and join in with — the celebration of the New Year’s Day.   It is a great, big, celebration, and a reminder that each moment — any moment — can be the moment that leads to you becoming the best possible person you can be.

So Happy New Moment, everyone!  Make the best of every one.


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