Symantec Health Image Share

     Symantec Health Image Share

Secure image sharing with any doctor in the country 

Solution Highlights


  • Streamlines setup and account administration with data import and update functions
  • Eliminates the need for specialized software downloads, VPNs, or frustrating reboots
  • Enables clinicians to focus on patient care, not the technology


  • Allows a physician to easily locate a study and send it to another physician using intuitive search-and-send functionality
  • Provides interactive view functions such as scroll, zoom and pan, flip and rotate, image orientation, and motion view cine loops, to support efficient viewing
  • Enables simultaneous access and viewing of images and videos produced from different modalities, along with metadata and diagnostic reports, all from a single console
  • Allows easy image downloading and import into the PACS if needed


  • Protects patient’s images from unauthorized access using dual authentication
  • Tracks and reports each share and view action using audit logs
  • Secures medical image data using proven practices and best-of-breed security and availability products


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