Are You Doing All You Can to Protect Your Windows Environment?

If your midsize business is like most, the current economic climate has stretched your IT staff and resources beyond the limit. At the same time, the risks to your business operations are increasing. According to the recently released Symantec Internet Security Threat Report, malicious code activity is growing at a record pace.

Under these conditions, it’s a real challenge to keep the Microsoft Windows environment you depend on secure, available, and well managed. The following steps can help you better safeguard this environment.

Cover all of your endpoints

Why is it so important to protect every one of your endpoint systems and servers? Just consider the impact of the Conficker worm, which targets users of Windows XP and Windows Vista. Symantec estimates that millions of computers have been infected with this threat since January. Conficker has been credited with creating nothing less than “a secure infrastructure for cybercrime.”

As a result of such threats, companies are scrambling to implement controls that better protect their endpoint systems and the communications travelling between them. But in many cases they’re not doing enough. Symantec’s recent 2009 Storage and Security in SMBs survey found that while small and midsize businesses are familiar with cyber risks and have clearly defined goals for security and storage, a surprisingly high number have yet to take even the most basic steps toward protecting their businesses, such as implementing antivirus or backing up their data.

Reduce complexity

As your IT environment becomes increasingly complex, ask yourself if you have the right tools to manage it. Continually evolving risks, as well as remote systems and mobile users, pose daily challenges.

The solutions you deploy need to be comprehensive but at the same time easy to use. They should reduce complexity, help you maintain a consistent and compliant environment, and reduce IT costs by streamlining and automating tasks. Chances are you’re also supporting more users with fewer resources these days. A secure remote management solution can make it easier for your administrators to automatically troubleshoot and correct technical problems, and to decrease problem resolution time with mobile workers.

Ensure that information is there when you need it

Ensuring that your business-critical data and systems are easily recoverable is essential for keeping your business productive and profitable. Without proper protection, it could take days and require significant expenditures to recover important business information or computer systems from an infrastructure failure, natural disaster, or simple human error. That’s why solutions that enforce and automate backup and recovery processes are needed to keep you protected.

Developing a strategy for restoring data and systems is key. So too is continuous data protection for Microsoft Exchange; after all, your email system is as vital as your phones for communicating.

Get comprehensive protection

The following best-in-class solutions can help protect your Windows environment by keeping data and systems secure, well-managed, and available:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection combines Symantec AntiVirus technology with advanced threat prevention in a single agent and management console, providing defense against malware for laptops, desktops, and servers. Symantec integrates essential security technologies, increasing protection for Windows environments and helping lower the total cost of ownership.
  • Symantec’s industry-leading client and server management technologies help you protect local and remote systems by simplifying repetitive tasks, deploying updates, and resolving support issues quickly.
  • Symantec backup and recovery software, such as Backup Exec System Recovery and Backup Exec, provides superior protection for critical data and systems in physical and virtual environments, which in turn can keep your business up and running efficiently.
  • Symantec Protection Suite Enterprise Edition provides multiple layers of protection from the market-leading endpoint security, messaging security, data loss prevention, and data and system recovery vendor.


Whether you’re running Windows XP or Vista, contemplating a migration to Vista, or waiting for the upcoming Windows 7, you need to thoroughly protect your current Windows infrastructure now. That means staying ahead of risks, managing your IT environment efficiently, and ensuring that critical information is reliably available.

With a proven track record of protecting Windows environments, Symantec can provide you with the solutions you need to keep your business up, running, and growing no matter what happens.

Source:  Symantec

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