SpeechBridge for Switchvox:

Adding SpeechBridge speech recognition and text-to-speech solutions to Switchvox empowers customers and employees to gain access to important information and company resources using simple spoken commands. Learn how SpeechBridge can benefit your customers and help your organization sell more Switchvox!


  • Improve customer service
  • Comply with “hands free” cell phone laws
  • Reduce operating costs

SpeechBridge Solutions:

  • Custom speech-enabled IVRs
  • Speech-enabled Auto-attendants and Directories
  • 100% safe hands free access to email and calendar during “windshield” time

Incendonet’s SpeechBridge is a SIP-based, enterprise-grade, complete speech solution that we believe will be of substantial interest to businesses using Asterisk. It’s fast to deploy, easy to use and gives cost-effective Asterisk deployments the feel of much more expensive systems.” Said Rod Montgomery, Director of Product Management at Digium.

For more information go to http://www.coretekservices.com/?page_id=54

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