VMware Go™ — the Quick and Easy On-ramp to Virtualization

VMware Go is a free web-based service that lets users virtualize their servers with just a few mouse clicks, providing an easy on-ramp for companies new to virtualization. VMware Go guides users through the installation and configuration of the industry-leading hypervisor, VMware ESXi.

VMware Go Dramatically Simplifies and Accelerates Virtualization Into Three Simple Steps

  1. Initial ESXi server setup
    • Unique web-browser interface and intuitive wizard guides and accelerates installation and setup process
    • Built in hardware compatibility check automates the process of selecting physical server environments
  2. Virtual machine creation
    • Leverage existing physical server configuration, install a prebuilt virtual appliance, or start with a new clean virtual machine.
  3. Manage ESXi servers and virtual machines
    • Centralized management interface simplifies changes to a virtual environment.
    • Monitor virtual machines for basic performance and resource utilization.
    • Scan and update virtual machines from a central console.

Source: http://www.vmware.com/products/esxi/go.html 

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