Wyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator

Improves user experience for virtual desktop infrastructure, including public and private clouds

Wyse Virtual Desktop AcceleratorWyse Virtual Desktop Accelerator (VDA) is a software-only solution for Wyse thin clients and supported PCs. Wyse VDA delivers the best user experience for the network bandwidth allocated to users, neutralizes the effects of network delays (latencies) and errors (packet loss) for thin computing, making it suitable for more remote-site, branch, or field-based users.
Today, poor network performance for thin computing protocols can reduce user experience, forcing organizations to limit deployment scope, deploy additional datacenters, use higher cost networks, purchase expensive hardware accelerators and even fall back to costly legacy techniques (client-server). In addition, Public Cloud centers are sparsely distributed today, only providing low latency access in limited markets.
Wyse VDA means organizations can deploy thin computing to more remote users – while minimizing additional network costs, and avoiding the need for regional datacenters. Organizations that have already deployed thin computing using regional datacenters will be able to achieve significant cost-savings through datacenter consolidation.
Wyse VDA accelerates Microsoft RDP and Citrix ICA protocols by up to 3 times on networks with up to 300ms latency and at least 768 kbps downstream bandwidth

  • Software-only acceleration of virtual desktops and applications
  • Accelerates Citrix ICA and Microsoft RDP protocols
  • Works on high bandwidth wide area networks (FLP – Fat Long Pipes)
  • Accelerates connections to Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View and Microsoft Terminal Server and Microsoft Hyper-V VDI
  • Enhances Wyse TCX software suite functionality across wide-area networks
  • Enhances Wyse Collaborative Processing Architecture performance
  • Enables per connection maximum bandwidth usage control
  • Leverages built-in security of underlying protocols (e.g. 128-bit encryption for RDP and ICA
  •  Remote offices and branch offices

    Centralizing data and installing only endpoints in branch or remote offices significantly reduces costs, and improves data security. When network performance limits experience, rather than installing servers, install Wyse VDA.

    Mobile workers

    Wyse thin computing addresses security and management issues for mobile workers by replacing PC laptops with thin laptops. Adding Wyse VDA improves performance for Wi-Fi connected users.

    Home workers

    Home working enables a more flexible workforce and can reduce HQ costs. Wyse VDA enables home workers connected over slow broadband connections to have improved experience.

    Offshore workers

    Increasingly organizations are using staff located all around the world. Management, security and intellectual property issues make centralized infrastructure and thin computing an ideal solution for remote sites. Wyse VDA improves desktop and application performance so local datacenters are not required.

    Cloud computing

    Cloud computing delivers cost-effective and flexible IT infrastructures. With Wyse VDA, sites with receive an enhanced user experience for cloud-hosted applications and desktops

    Source: Wyse.com

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