Citrix Offers Trade-up to XenDesktop 4 Program

A unique opportunity for customers to add desktop virtualization to their proven XenApp implementation and save up to 80%.

The Trade-up to XenDesktop 4 Program gives XenApp customers a simple and cost-effective path to the most complete desktop virtualization solution— XenDesktop 4. With XenDesktop 4, customers can do everything they do today with XenApp and deliver high-definition virtual desktops to every user across the enterprise.

Customers who trade-up all their licenses at once can receive two XenDesktop 4 user licenses for every one XenApp license they trade-up. This 2-for-1 offer gives customers an 80% savings compared to buying new desktop virtualization licenses. The Program enables customers to leverage their existing investments to add desktop virtualization now, for an unbeatable price. 

Program options:

  • Trade-up 100% of your active XenApp licenses:  
    • Get 2 XenDesktop 4 licenses for each XenApp license
    • Save up to 80%
  • Trade-up a sub-set of your active XenApp licenses:
    • Get 1 XenDesktop 4 license for each XenApp license
    • Save up to 70%
  • Trade-up any XenApp license without Subscription Advantage:
    • Get 1 XenDesktop 4 license for each XenApp license
    • Save up to 50%

Leverage existing investments

  • Trade-up XenApp licenses to get XenDesktop 4 at a fraction of the cost
  • Use XenApp skills and best practices to simplify desktop virtualization adoption
  • Leverage existing hypervisor, storage and Microsoft infrastructures  

Add desktop virtualization

  • Continue to use XenApp functionality as you always have
  • Add the most comprehensive set of virtual desktop technologies
  • Deliver virtual applications and desktops as on-demand services to any user

 Save on XenDesktop 4

  • Trade-up all active XenApp licenses at once, get 2X the XenDesktop 4 licenses
  • Trade-up your XenApp licenses, save between 50%-80% on XenDesktop 4
  • Trade-up includes 12 months of Subscription Advantage on XenDesktop 4

 Act now. This program is only valid until June 30, 2010! 

Citrix XenDesktop 4 – The Virtual desktop revolution is here…..for everyone

XenDesktop 4 includes the key features fundamental to extending the benefits of virtual desktops to every user in your organization.

Any device, anytime, anywhere

Today’s digital workforce demands the flexibility to work from anywhere at any time using any device they’d like. Leveraging Citrix Receiver as a universal client, XenDesktop 4 users can access their virtual desktops and corporate applications from any PC, Mac, thin client or smartphone.

HDX™ user experience

XenDesktop 4 delivers an HDX™ user experience on any device, over any network, with better reliability and higher availability than a traditional PC. With Citrix HDX™ technology, users get an experience that rivals a local PC, even when using multimedia, real-time collaboration, USB peripherals, and 3D graphics. XenDesktop 4 offers the best Flash multimedia performance while using 90% less bandwidth compared to alternative solutions.

Citrix FlexCast™ delivery technology

Different types of workers across the enterprise need different types of desktops. XenDesktop 4 can meet all these requirements in a single solution with our unique Citrix FlexCast™ delivery technology. With FlexCast™, IT can deliver every type of virtual desktop – each specifically tailored to meet the performance, security and flexibility requirements of each individual user.

On-demand apps by XenApp™

To reduce desktop management costs, XenDesktop 4 offers the full range of Citrix application virtualization technologies with on-demand apps by XenApp™. With application virtualization, IT can control data access, manage fewer desktop im-ages, eliminate system conflicts, and reduce application regression testing.

Open architecture

XenDesktop 4 works with your existing hypervisor, storage and Microsoft infrastructures, enabling you to leverage your current investments – while providing the flexibility to add or change to alternatives in the future. Whether you use XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V or VMware ESX or vSphere, XenDesktop supports them all and simplifies management of networked storage using StorageLink™ technology.

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